Marching and Show Contests

Sunday May 23rd & Monday May 24th 2021

March and Show competitions

Show, march, competition and fraternization

In the Whitsun weekend of Sunday 31 May and Monday 1 June May 2020, Hamont is the meeting place for about forty selected music and show companies. In a unique atmosphere of fraternization and competition they compete for the title 'Kampioen der Lage Landen' and also for the highest distinction: the trophy 'André Rijcken', named after the founder of the March and Show competitions. On Saturday evening the International Tattoo takes place on the market square. There are about 20 performances for an international jury on Sunday and Monday. The various bands are divided into two disions: the higher and the secondary division. Moreover, there is always a subdivision into four disciplines: march, march and concert, marchparade, and show. The performances run, as in the other years, in series of 4 to 5 corps. After the presentation of a series to the public, each corps commences for the jury performance.

Free admission

Both on Sundays and Mondays you can come and enjoy the matches for free, so come and encourage the corps.

Top corps on Sunday and Monday

Just like in recent years, a large number of top corps will undoubtedly give their best in Hamont. As soon as the registrations have been finalized, the participating corps will be announced via this website.

1500 comfortable seats

We mention that the market square of Hamont will once again be converted into a true open-air theater. Of course, the numerous cozy eating and drinking terraces will not lack. During the Whitsun weekend (both during the International Tattoo and the Competitions), there are also stands that have 1500  seats this year. These comfortable stands are accessible to everyone, with the motto: as long as supplies last!

Let the message in any case be clear: the 30th International March and Show competitions is something you don’t want to miss. The unique atmosphere and especially the sublime quality of this year promise an excellent and unforgettable musical weekend.